For most of our clients, we recommend using Godaddy Economy hosting. This hosting package can work with a WordPress, Concrete5, or Custom Website. It provides you with enough server power to handle about 150 visitors at any given time, allows you to have email setup (see more details on the Email tab) and can handle one domain name.

We offer all of our clients and site visitors a incredible offer of a FREE Domain name with discount Economy Hosting plan through Godaddy.  Discount Hosting Details Use the link below to active the coupon and receive a free domain name and a year of hosting for just $12 with our coupon.

Access Hosting Discounts

We can help you pick the right domain name for your website and then give you exclusive discount prices on purchasing it as well. You are able to get a completely free domain name if you purchase hosting (see hosting tab) through our discount link.

If you just need a domain name, you can use our link below to get a discount on just a domain. You can use your domain name for the following:

  • Your Site URL: www.YourDomain.com
  • Your Email: yourname@yoursite.com
  • Domain Forwarding: www.Domain.com pointing to www.PrimaryDomain.com
  • Sub Domains: http://subdomain.YourDomain.com
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A professional email address (yourname@youraddress.com) has proven to be 9x more likely to get customers than businesses that use email addresses ending in gmail.com for example.

There are 3 different options we recommend for our clients.

  1. We can setup an email account for you on your hosting account (that hosts your website). This allows you to go to www.YourDomain.com/Webmail to view your email. For an additional cost we can connect it so you can send and receive this email from your traditional email service. This has no re-occurring monthly costs but has about a 98% reliability. What does this mean?
  2. Gmail for Business Email: If you are willing to pay $5 a month for each user and use Google services then this could be a good option. It is very reliable, and allows you and your users to access email through a service similar to a traditional Gmail Account.
  3. Office 365: If you are willing to pay $5 a month for each user then Outlook 365 could be a good tool for you. It also has additional costs for Microsoft Office services if you want to add that to a user.
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We offer custom made video tutorials as well as general tutorials.

The custom solutions we create are to help you know how to do specific items such as update your blog, add products, or make basic changes to your site. Clients typically request a custom video after we build a site so they can easily maintain it moving forward.

If you want to learn how to build a website on your own we do offer general WordPress tutorial videos which can be found under our blog.

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Why Use Godaddy?

We have compared various web hosts throughout the years and found Godaddy to be the most reliable. While we don’t require our clients to use them, we do highly recommend them.

Can I Transfer a Website?

If you want to move your domain name or your website to a new host we can help you do that. It can take up to 7 days to move a domain name. Your site is not guaranteed to function the same.

What Are My Email Options?

We can help you setup email accounts through your web host, as well as through Gmail for Business or Outlook 365. Each way to do it has their own pros and cons, message us for details.

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